Welcome to the HEP department at Institute for Nuclear Research of National Academy of Science of Ukraine (HEP@KINR).

The HEP department at KINR was created in 2005 and now consists of more than dozen of members, including 1 professor, 5 doctors and also engeneers, post- and under- graduate students.



HEP Department Activities
The High Energy Physics Department (HEPD) at the KINR NAS Ukraine is involved in several international collaborations for research in particle physics. It contributes into ongoing technical developments in particle detection and data analysis. HEPD’s research programme in high energy physics is focused on the study of CP violation and rare phenomena in heavy hadrons decays as well as relativistic nuclei-nuclei collisions . The main involvement is the data analysis and physics measurements with the LHCb detector at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. We participate in the development of the CBM experiment at FAIR/GSI (Darmstadt). Recently, HEPD joined the LIA IDEATE collaboration focusing on the development of the metal microdetectors for applications in HEP experiments as well as for the purposes of spatially fractionated hadron therapy.


Our address:
HEP Department
Institute for Nuclear Research
Prospekt Nauky 47
03680 Kyiv
tel.: +380 44 525 47 56
fax: + 380 44 525 44 63
e-mail: pugatch(at)kinr.kiev.ua